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XBOX 360 Console Modification Service

From our workshop in Chelmsford Essex we provide many services to Games Console Owners

We Modify XBOX 360's to your requirements.

if you are looking to improve the performance or look of you XBOX 360 Console then look no further

The XBOX 360 Mods we carry out in our Essex Workshop include

Case Modding

Cooling Mods

X Clamp Mods

DVD Firmware Mods

We also have a repair centre dealing with XBOX 360 Repair Details HERE.

Case Modding

Change your XBOX 360 outer case to somthing more exciting, perhaps a transparent case? - Details HERE

Cooling Mods

We can install an additional internal Fan, Instal a Dual Fan System, or replace your existing fan with a whisper fan - More details HERE

X-Clamp Mods

Let us remove your X-Clamps replace them with a superior Heat Sink Fixing Kit. More details HERE

DVD Firmware Update

Play your backups on your XBOX 360. We will flash your DVD Drive with the latest version of Ixtreme Firmware. Drop in and wait (30 min) service is £35.00

If you have had your XBOX 360 Flashed by us before then we can update your firmware for a cost of £20.00

Complete Postal service including return delivery is £35.00

Reduce your postage cost by removing your DVD Drive from your console, instructions below.


We can also update a drive that has been flashed with an earlier version
If you drop off the console the process will take about half an hour.

We have to open the console and will therefore void the warranty of the XBOX
Your XBOX 360 DVD Drive has firmware that includes a DRIVE KEY. The drive key is unique to each XBOX 360 and prevents you from buying a new drive and simply swapping it over with the drive in your XBOX 360. The Drive houses a control card that talks the DVD Drive and the console, it is this part of the DVD Drive that we update. During the update process we backup the original firmware onto our system and this ensures that if anything goes wrong during the update then we are able to write back the original firmware to the DVD.

Another advantage to the customer is that if for any reason in the future the drive fails then we will have a copy of your original firmware and drive key on file enabling us to fit a new drive with a matching drive key in place.

If you would like to contact one of our staff then please call

01245 476657 / 07792 122209

Or email us